Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Well, I'll be...... now we're three

I'm a Mom. Yup. There. I said it (well, typed it) but, nonetheless, it is true. Don't worry, I'm trying not to laugh, myself. Although, I do on a daily basis for a myriad of other reasons.

Being the eternal Aunt of 12, I have to say, I'm finding being a Mom quite odd. Yet, cool. And awesome.  Since I'm just now getting the time (uh, sort of) to blog again, I thought I'd fill you in a little with my most recent happenings: Um, I'm a Mom.

Since it's been a millennium since I've posted, I guess I shall share with you my Christmas card for this year, which was my own rendition of "Santa Baby" as "Sadie Baby". AND, since it's still snowing in half the country, that would constitute the song still being relevant this time of year, right? So, have a little Christmas in March: SADIE BABY.  And, yeah! That IS Sadie on the recording!

Also, I have discovered a delicious chia chocolate chip cookie recipe, and, yup! I became "that Mom" that makes her own baby food, and diaper wipes, although, honestly, it's so easy its not really something to brag about.

Sadie, (that's her name, obviously, unless I was singing about someone else's kid - which IS entirely possible, but not accurate), is10 months, super chill and fun, has two teeth, is trying to walk, and I love her to pieces. Thanks for asking. Huh? Oh! THANK YOU! I'm doing pretty darn swell, myself!  I've been in my pre-preggers clothes for quite a while, and, did I tell you I'm loving being a Mom?  It's mentally exhausting, but, so is rocket science. And teaching or firefighting. And auditioning and creating. So, what else is new?.....So there.

Til next time,

xx HMM

Thursday, May 17, 2012

February, 16, 2011

My Dad is an Octagenarian

One of my favorite things on TV is when Al Roker says: "...and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods...:" and it pans to the other guy who does the Smuckers birthday of the day, and they profile some fabulous Senior who's 100th birthday it is and who's secrets to making it that long is playing cards, drinking whiskey, church groups and never going to bed mad. Well, hopefully my parents will get to be profiled by the fine makers of yummy grape jelly someday, but, until then, today, in my "neck of the woods", my Dad turned 80. That would be 8-0.  And, to me, that deserves some fruity spread. At least.

As I licked the envelopes closed of the birthday cards I was sending to Dad, I realized I had written that name and address on an envelope for as long as I can remember. Whether it was for birthdays, Father's Day or Christmas, "Bob Marsden" was a constant addressee my whole life. And now he's 80. It was something about that moment that really made me pause and think that he won't be an addressee forever. Because he's 80.

I'm very grateful that I have not had to experience the loss of a parent yet. It's not like we're the Waltons or the Brady Bunch or anything, but, my Dad is my Dad, and I'm not thrilled about losing him. Ever.

One of my sisters and I did a three way Birthday phone call with Dad, which seemed pretty darn fancy. We chatted about current events, who's doing what, got the weather discussion covered, and reflected on some funny times from when were kids. My sister had a good recall of playing that "Guess what?" "That's What!" "Guess What?" "That's What!!" game in the  yellow-striped VW camper bus while Simon and Garfunkel's "Hop on the bus, Gus, Make a new plan, Stan" song was playing on the A.M. radio.  For some reason, the memory I came up with was regarding that of the book "Frankenstein" that lived on the bookshelf between the stairs and the door to our room.  I was convinced that the picture  of Frankenstein on the cover was real, and Frankenstein was just hovering, ready to jump out at me, and I would literally race by the bookshelf as fast as I could, so as not to get attacked.  My sister's story made Dad laugh, mine made him feel bad. Good goin', Heather!

Anyways, call your Dad, tell him a pointless story to make him be glad you live on opposite coasts, and maybe send some jam anyways. Because, well, because it's nice to be able to have a Dad to send jam to in the first place.

Bob Marsden Sandwich:

Left over bread, whatever ya got
Peanut butter
and a Pickle

Throw it together and, well, eat it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas, Snuggies for super tall people, and books about THE DANCE

Alright, so I got that crappy flu thing over Christmas, which really sucked, since one of my favorite songwriter friends, Stephen Michael Schwartz, led a Christmas sing-a-long after dinner at my house, and I couldn't really join in.....aargh... However, my lovely sister Bev, who, even while preggers somehow looks disturbingly like Heidi Klum, gave me the Patrick Swayze book, "Time of my Life", for Christmas, which made me feel much better. I read that thing in two days wrapped in my White Elephant gift (a snuggie - which was clearly made for people over 6 feet tall... I have to hold that thing like a ball gown up off the floor as to not completely wipe out....) from Christmas Eve. May I mention now that this years white elephant game was so viciously terrific? It almost got violent over the Obama Chia Pet.

Ok, back to Patrick and his book. We love him, "Dirty Dancing" even happened to be on TV while I was reading it, so I got swirled into a multi-media Swayze blitz. Fine with me. Brave guy. Seriously. That is not a disease you wish on your worst enemy. And, kudos to Lisa Niemi for upholding her husbands image and dignity. She is one classy lady. The book is polite and lovely and strong and inspiring, and, well, Patrick was a ballet dancer. He had me at plie.....

So, after I gobbled up that book, I carefully (as not to wipe out in my snuggie for Amazons)
walked to the bookshelf, and fetched "Dancing on my Grave" by Gelsey Kirkland, which my Mom gave me when I was a non-hip moving, tight bun wearing, 5 nights a week cecchetti ballet student. I clearly didn't read it then, and, thank god! Let's see, drugs, sex and Baryshnikov... juicy reading now, but, when your 12.... 13? I do believe someone forgot to peruse the pages before gifting it to a pre-teen. Kirkland all but gives operating instructions on the multitude of ways to get coke into your blood stream....anyway, I've trucked that book from Detroit to New York to multiple apartments and houses in Los Angeles, so, I figured I should read it. And, I'm so glad I did!!! It truly is great, intelligent, poetic, brutally honest reading (I NEVER give true spoilers, so, forget it). She is so open about everything and everyone around her, it's startling. I hope she's got some friends left...

"Dancing" was published in 1986, and the main theme still holds true: Women are "difficult" or "bitches" or "problematic" while daring to use their voice. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, those words will be replaced with "strong", "smart", "forward thinking", and "Love her! She challenges us to expand and not settle!". A girl sure can wish........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I love these MELROSE PLACE people. Once again, a song of mine will be on an upcoming episode and I must admit, it's incredibly satisfying..... since these ditties came out this head o' mine.....

Tonight's episode features the song "Sin Coming In", which was released on darkblueworld's THE HARRATT SESSIONS. SESSIONS was written on Harratt St., in W. Hollywood, with my bandmate, Paul Andrews, a few years back. We were on quite a roll, receiving airplay in Los Angeles, and appearing on a Joe Jackson tribute album,DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS, and recording the song "Elenore" for that same labels Turtles tribute album, which, unfortunately didn't get released. (It's a cool recording, and one of these days I'll post it as a free download.) Yes, all was well, until Paul, being British and all, had to head back to the U.K., and, as they say, the rest is history. So, our short, creative time together lives on at itunes and amazon, and apparently, now, on MELROSE PLACE! Thank you Melrose music dept., and ALL of the fantastic team that supports my music. You are incredible people.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, what do ya know? A song that I wrote and recorded with Chris Johnson (Evanescence) awhile back will be featured on tonight's episode of MELROSE PLACE. It's a very personal song about not letting someone you love know how much you care before it's too late, and I'm glad that it will be out in the world! Big Fish Music is distributing it everywhere, so it's available at all the usual suspects of online retailers. The cover art was photographed and designed by the wonderful Brian Perkins out of New Orleans, beautiful Shan Williams did hair/makeup, while styling was executed by the nonstop fun duo of Casey Bundick and Jodi James. The three of these talents were my "glam squad" for a few films I shot in Louisiana, and we had a great time shooting! I hope you enjoy the episode and, of course, the song!
xx HMM

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok, Ok... I realize I could be slightly partial about how brilliant this film is, since it was produced by my sister, Pam Marsden, and features the talented voice work of my bro-in-law, Pete Siragusa, however, I couldn't possibly be thatpartial, since I alone could not make it #1 at the box office ALL WEEKEND!!

is simply awesome! Great, smart, underdog heros, cool 3-D effects, hilarious performances (what a come-back for Mr. T!), and Benjamin Bratt (who, embarrassingly for me, was literally standing (unbeknownst to moi) 1/4 of an inch from my shoulder while my sister and I were loudly ooh-ing and ahh-ing over him) in a role where you'd least expect him. How simply wonderful is that? (Not the open mouth, insert foot Benjamin Bratt moment, the movie part). I must admit, however, that while watching the movie I did find myself wanting to eat everything that fell from the sky.... That definately wouldn't have a pretty result...

Pictured to the left is 4 out of the 5 Marsden girls, Pete in the middle, and lots of smart and talented nephews. Nothing like a family reunion at a film premiere! CONGRATS PAM!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, This is Love. What a statement. I didn't make it, originally, but, besides being the working title of my new music project, I'm actually experiencing love while working! Go figure! So, at the risk of needing to offer some ham with that cheese, here's some love going out to the people behind So, this is Love: Amazing jazz pianist and producer, Chris Rhyne (Jean-Luc Ponty, Randy Jackson, Santana), my musical partner in crime in the studio. The ever-trusting, uber talent of Steve Corn at Not Us Music, the label (Wow! So, you can be happy on a label! Go figure again!) this release will be under. The ever-believing Stephen Michael Schwartz who constantly watches out for me, and made sure Maestro Corn knew who I was in the first place. The support of Danny who's been bugging me to record jazz for awhile now after he made me sing at a jazz piano bar in Rome, at the piano at the renowned Emeril's Delmonico in New Orleans, and on stage with Bob French and his boys at d.b.a. in New Orleans (btw, their cd, Marsalis Music Presents Bob French, produced by Branford Marsalis, is delicious!). And, finally, The Nitzberg, loading up my arms with cds of other amazing jazz artists (and country!?) to feed my soul. (Sun Ra concert sometime soon?) So, This is Love. Ain't it cool? I think so.